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Terms and Conditions of Services

1. Introduction

Welcome to Paws High Peak Dog Training and Boarding. By using our services, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

2. Services and Pricing

We offer a range of services including 1:1 dog training, group classes, home boarding, doggy daycare, dog grooming, cat grooming, and field hire.

2A. Training Services

For training services, if you need to cancel a booking, please provide at least 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the session will be forfeited. All sessions must be used within 3 months of the start date. Once a course has started, no refunds will be provided.

2B. Home Boarding and Daycare

The rates for home boarding are as follows:

1 dog: £30.00 per overnight stay 2 dogs: Reduced to £25.00 per dog, per overnight stay, once booking confirm a 50% non refundable deposit will be due.

For more than 2 dogs, please contact us for pricing. Bank holidays and premium days (e.g., Christmas period, New Year period, Easter Sunday) carry an extra charge of £15 per dog, per day/night. Rates for home boarding are charged per overnight stay, but collection times/hours may vary depending on the booking, which will be arranged privately with the owner.

The rate for home daycare is £20.00 for 1 day’s care. Daytime visit and/or evening visit timeslots can vary depending on your specific needs, which will be arranged privately with the owner. Prices may vary depending on the breed, temperament, and needs of the dog. For 2 dogs from the same household, the rate is £15 each per day of care.

3. Equipment

For training sessions, clients are expected to bring a suitable collar, leash, and any other equipment recommended by the trainer. For grooming services, all necessary equipment will be provided by us.

4. Expectations and Timescales

We aim to provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience for your pet. However, the timescale for behaviour improvement and training results can vary depending on the individual pet and the specific issues being addressed. We cannot guarantee specific results within a set timeframe.

5. Health and Safety

All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before staying with us. Vaccinations against Kennel cough are recommended but not required. We take no responsibility for your dog should they contract any viral diseases while staying with us. All dogs must be up to date with their flea and worming treatments before any type of stay.

6. Female Dogs in Season

Please advise us immediately if your female dog is in season or due to come into season. We cannot accept responsibility should your dog become pregnant. It is your responsibility to have your dog neutered or spayed. Priority is given to spayed/neutered dogs. We do not accept unneutered males due to scent marking within the home.

7. Unclaimed Dogs

We will find a new home for any dog not collected 3 days from the due departure date if we cannot contact you or your emergency contact person. You agree to this and will pay for all associated costs.

8. Personal Items

Any items brought for the boarding stay belonging to the owner will be returned upon collection of the dog. The owner accepts responsibility for toys or items that may have been chewed, damaged, or broken while in our care during the boarding stay.

9. Veterinary Care

We reserve the right to seek veterinary advice if your dog becomes ill. We will contact you immediately should this occur. If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable amount of time or have chosen not to be contacted, we reserve the right to seek appropriate veterinary attention and proceed with treatment regardless of the cost, which you agree to cover. If euthanasia is absolutely necessary (as determined by the vet) for reasons excluding behavioural issues (e.g., aggression), we will accept and act upon that vet advice.

10. Liability

All dogs are accepted at the owner's risk. While every possible care and attention is given to each dog, we cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage, however arising. Any vet fees incurred during the dog’s stay will be covered by you, the owner.

11. Photos and Videos

We may take photos and videos of your pet for promotional purposes and post them on our website and social media platforms. If you do not wish for your pet's images to be used, please let us know.

12. Changes to the Terms

We may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to a service to, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our services. You should look at the terms regularly.

Please let me know if there are any other specific terms you would like to include or if you have any other questions.

Grooming T’s and C’s and FAQs

It must be clearly understood and agreed that whist every care and attention is giving to your dog(s) pets, they are accepted at the owner’s risk. Our first concern is for the wellness of your pet so in the event of injury or illness a vet may be sought, unless it can be clearly shown that we are liable. All costs in the connection and in the carrying out of this instruction shall be at the owner’s expense. On each client ‘grooming customer care card’ you will need to have read, understood and given permission for this by signing this card means you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Matted pet, shaving agreement.

During your pet’s consultation, should we notice your pet has some matting, a form will

need to be signed giving consent. We always put welfare first in accordance with our PAWS HIGH PEAK policy, as a result,

we may need to shave your pet down short, to remove the matting and make your pet more comfortable.

By signing our shaving agreement at the time of the pet grooming consultation, you understand the following –

We may have to shave your pet very short, even to the skin, to remove the matting which is

causing your pet discomfort. There could be an extra charge for the de matting service if the matting is such that our

bladed are likely to need resharpening. We may not achieve the look or desired groom you anticipated in this appointment. Welfare is our main concern. As a groomer PAWS HIGH PEAK, cannot be held responsible for not achieving the desired look in this occasion. Failure to maintain regular brushing and grooming between appointments will result in further matting.

Grooming FAQ

How much it is to groom a dog, cat small pet?

This will depend on which breed of pet you have, what you require for their groom, and what can be achieved. All prices are dependent on each pet.

How long with the groom take?

This depends on several factors. What breed we are grooming, what cut and style the owner requested, if the pet is new to

the grooming process or not and if the pet accepts and enjoys the grooming process or not. After their first grooming session with us, we will be able to establish the approx. time slot needed for their next visit.

Can I stay with my pet?

It’s generally easier for the groomer if the owner leaves and lets them get on with the job, usually if the owners stays then the pet is always wanting a I get close to them and make contact with them, when we are using sharp equipment, all this extra movement makes our job even more difficult, the pets generally stay calmer and happier to be groomed when

their owners are out of sight. It is however possible to stay, should the groom situation and the groomer, deem it


Can we book a private salon session?

Yes, if your pet doesn’t like other pets, it is possible for us to make sure your booking would

be private, this would need to be requested at the point of booking.

I have an aggressive pet; they don’t like to be touched or groomed but they really need it doing, can I still come?

That’s ok, Kim is trained and is a specialist in working with pets that are slightly harder

to complete and often has bookings for such pets knowing that other groomers haven’t been

able to manage or complete them.

Contact PAWS High Peak

For Grooming, Home Boarding, Daycare & Welfare Visits, contact Kim.

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For Dog Training, Behaviour Modification & Classes contact Neil.

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